Love/hate relationship?

There is this boy in my class and I have a major crush on him! He is so cute. But, a while back I made it very clear to everyone in my class that I hate him. I secretly really like him. All his friends say he likes me and I always catch him looking at me.

I really can't deal with this anymore, I really like him but I'm not sure about dating yet and I'm scared to tell people I like him now. Should I just keep my feelings locked away or speak the truth?

Hey babe,

I can totally relate to crushing on a boy in your class. You must feel really terrified that people will react when you tell your peeps that you're crushin' hard now. When I was in middle school, I had a huge crush on this one guy in my English class. I made the big mistake of telling everyone. The next day, they told everyone at school the wrong stuff. I was so hurt. He got the wrong idea and stopped talking to me forever. I wished I didn't tell everyone, because it cut my chances short with my crush.

If you need to vent your feelings, frustrations and thoughts about your crush, jot it down or just tell your bestie. When you tell a huge crowd, they won't always understand how important this crush is to you and may start running up the rumor mill. If you're truly interested in this guy, send him some signals before you tell him straight out. Flirt it up and have fun. If he flirts back, it's a surefire sign that he likes you.

But if you aren't ready to date? Just wait. You can enjoy chilling with your besties, playing a sport or getting involved in your community in the meantime. Everyone is ready to date at different times, it's all about your comfort zone. You should date whenever YOU feel it's right.

Sherryn D.

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5/29/2009 7:00:00 AM