I Love Beauty: Hollywood Makeover

What’s one of the coolest things about growing up? When parents finally get flexible and let you test out makeup. Well we’ve got good news for all you fabulous girlies looking for a bit of beauty guidance. Nintendo DS has just released a new game on glamorous makeovers and the correct way to do it!
From how to apply lipstick and concealer, to showing which hairstyle is right for your face shape, I Love Beauty: Hollywood Makeover does it all. The game offers four different playing options…
“Beauty Center” allows you to work in a beauty parlor, catering to the difficult Hollywood customers. Your score is based on make-up application and styling hair. As your make-up skills increase, so will the difficulty and demand of your clients.
“Contest” gets you working so you can be slipped an invite to a make-up artist contest. To get such an amazing offer you have to perform perfectly at the Beauty Center! And beware: you cannot make any mistakes when competing for the title of Best Make-Up Artist!
“Custom Make-Up” allows you to use whatever you want to give your client a fabulous new makeover! Your score depends on the final product, so you have to work hard to coordinate colors and please the client. If you do well, other types of make-up will be unlocked.
“Free Play” provides mini games with each make-up product for you to practice. You should check this section out first before going professional in the Beauty Center.
Feel fabulous yet?! Check out I Love Beauty: Hollywood Makeover and be that glamorous gal you are meant to be. Out now.
--Lauren Linhard


6/15/2009 1:17:00 PM