A New Revolution

Last month when I cracked a riddle in my math class, my teacher promised to get me a small gift. She indeed kept her word, but when I unwrapped the present I was slightly disappointed to see what seemed to be a small Rubik’s cube hooked to a chain. I always thought Rubik’s cubes were for smart people who magically knew how to twist and turn the little puzzle.

But, when I opened it, I soon found that the cube didn’t twist or turn. Instead there were nine buttons and nine little lights that lit up the center of each side. What I held in my hands was the new Rubik’s Revolution.

Rather than just solving the puzzle, Rubik’s Revolution is more a game based on speed. The object is to push a button when a light goes off. It may sound easy, but as time keeps ticking, the little cube gives you less time to find the right side. If you press the wrong button, your game quits cold turkey. If you get the hang of it, it’ll eventually take you to the next round.

With all the beeping and flashing, Rubik’s Revolution keeps you on your toes, which is perfect for a long road trip or relaxing at home. But what do I think is the best part about Rubik’s Revolution? I can tell my friends that I’ve mastered the Rubik’s cube…just in a different way!

What’s your favorite puzzle game to play? Blog about it, babes.


by Jean Lee | 2/1/2016