Help for a home-schooler

I've got a different situation from everyone else. I'm home-schooled. I live in a military family, so we move often, and I'm pretty smart, so home-schooling is a good option for me.

But sometimes I feel like I'm missing out. I e-mail and chat with online friends who do the same school as me but I don't have a life off of the internet. I've never met cute guys, even though I'm in ninth grade. I don't go to parties or anything. Even though I know some girls, we're not that close.

How can I get more of a life without having to go to school for it? Is there anything a home-schooled gal can do?

-Missing A Life

Hey there hon, the first thing you should know is you're not alone. I actually have a couple of gal pals who were home-schooled and I asked for them for their advice. The number one thing they both agreed on was to put yourself out there and get off the computer!

Online friends are nice, but real-life friends are so much better! Most home-school associations I know have sports leagues, so get involved. Even if you're not a star athlete, it'll be fun to meet new people and try new things.

Did we mention cute guys also play sports? It's a fun and easy way to meet dudes, especially if you ask them for some pointers. Who can resist helping a sweet girl like you? If sports aren't your thing, then try to get involved in your neighborhood's youth recreation activities. A lot of neighborhoods have drama and dance clubs.

Another way to make new friends is to volunteer for an activity like tutoring or cleaning the local playground. Not only will you be doing something good for your neighborhood, but also you'll meet new people who share the same interests as you AND you'll feel good about yourself. How awesome is that? So just because you're home-schooled doesn't mean you can't have a life. Be open to new experiences and you'll never know what kind of people you'll meet. Who knows? You may even find a new BFF!

Lots of love,

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7/2/2009 7:00:00 AM