Guitar Hero: Modern Hits

Sick of playing air guitar to your favorite new songs? Guitar Hero On Tour: Modern Hits for Nintendo DS gives you the chance to rock out to the hottest new songs from all your favorite bands. The game includes tracks from Fall Out Boy, Foo Fighters, Coldplay, Franz Ferdinand, Evanescence, AFI, Weezer, Yellowcard and more!

Like other Guitar Hero games, there are four difficulty levels, so you can work your way up to expert without getting too frustrated. And even without the fake guitar controller from the full-size game, it still feels pretty authentic with a pick stylus and grip attachment in your hands.
Play by yourself or with a friend, teaming together or battling it out in a duel. And while you’re up for the challenge, devoted fans can challenge you to play certain percentages of songs with the brand new “Fan Request” system. Embrace your rockstar alter ego by signing autographs, or screaming into the mic on the screen to get the crowd going, too.

There’s also a great new female character named Calista Valenz to help even out the number of guitar heroines to guitar heroes. Calista’s not your style? You can still customize your own character. The graphics and sound are great and if you can power through a few hand cramps, you can rock all the way to the top to become the ultimate superstar!

A must-have for all music lovers, the game is out in stores now.

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--Allie Simmons


6/29/2009 3:15:00 PM