Get the Secret to sparkling all year long!

Things are heating up! Literally. Let’s face it, sweat marks and B.O. weren’t exactly what you had in mind when you said you wanted to be HOT!

Well, don’t fret, sistah! Secret has a fabulous new line of antiperspirants/deodorants (plus body sprays— yay!) that will take care of your sweaty sitch plus let your unique style shine through.

Why are we sweet on Secret Scent Expressions? It comes in 11 scents, which means 11 different ways to sparkle while still getting the odor and wetness protection you need.

Here’s the fun part: There’s a scent that matches your every mood. Pick a fave or grab a new one depending on whatever vibe you’re feeling at the moment (because, come on, who feels the same every day?). Read on to discover your Secret Scent match made in sweet-smellin’ heaven…

Fabulously Floral

With a big personality and bright sense of style, you need a deodorant that won’t shy away from the limelight. Fabulously Floral gives you that bold and beautiful scent that is sure to leave you feeling like a million bucks.
Cherry Mischief

Your sweet and sour personality provides your life with just the right amount of spice, which sometimes gets you into trouble. Good thing your Cherry Mischief deodorant keeps you smelling your best even when you find yourself in the hot seat.

Ohh-La-La Lavender

Your laid-back personality is why your friends love being around you. You remain grounded in even the stickiest situations and know how to take life in stride. Perhaps the calming scent of your Ohh-La-La Lavender deodorant has something to do with your totally zen mentality?

Va Va Vanilla
Is that a movie star? No, it’s just you, looking totally glamorous as usual. The secret to your confidence? Your Va Va Vanilla deodorant. It makes you feel like you’re strutting your stuff on the red carpet.
Pretty N’ Peach

Your positively perky attitude is contagious and everyone around you can’t help but smile. No need for caffeine— you’ve got your Pretty N’ Peach deodorant to add the pep to your step!

Totally Tropical
You can heat things up on any dull day with your sunny outlook and exotic charm. With your Totally Tropical deodorant on, you exude fiery flair that makes all the boys melt.

Bella Bloom
Like the belle of the ball, you are known for your elegance and grace. And what better way to captivate the entire room than with the scent of Bella Bloom? Prince Charming is sure to notice.

Wild Jasmine

Girl, your bold personality and wild style make heads turn. And what makes you the perfect Wild Jasmine girl is that you are not afraid to own your unique taste for the exotic.

Coco Butter Kiss
When it comes to cute, you’re right up there with buttons and bunnies. With your Coco Butter Kiss scent on you can brighten anyone’s day. A touch of coco sweetness and a kiss of kindness make you irresistible.

Rockstar Rose
You know how to rock it! With your Rockstar Rose deodorant you can take on any crowd and own any stage. Your friends are your biggest fans and take inspiration from your artistic approach to life.
Truth or Pear

Turn down a dare? Yeah right! A Truth or Pear girl loves crossing the line—and taking everybody with her! Your friends can’t get enough of your sassy ways and fresh approach to fun.

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8/5/2009 4:40:00 PM