Let us in on your secret!

We asked. You shared.

We asked girls to let us know how they express themselves. Was it their unique sense of style? How they kick butt at their favorite sport? Running for student council? Or speaking out on important causes like saving the environment?

Check out some sparkling stories of how these girls express themselves.

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Age: 16

Express Yourself: I express myself by going green and helping the environment! I really believe in helping our planet and all of its creatures, so I've started to change my habits. I bike, take public transportation and car-pool when I can to reduce pollution.

Sarah’s Secret: Truth or Pear girl. Her energy and fresh approach to fun make her such an inspiration.

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Age: 17

Express Yourself: I express myself through creativity. I love art, so I try to put a new, edgy twist into everything that I set forth to do. I am constantly looking for opportunities to share my colorful, energetic passion with the world. It means everything to me.

Alexandra’s Secret: Wild Jasmine. Her energetic personality gives everything she creates and edgy and unique flair.

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Age: 15

Express Yourself: I love to express myself by singing. There is nothing like belting out a good song while striking poses and dancing around like a pop star! Being a singer is my dream and a way I express myself!

Alexa’s Secret: Rockstar Rose. Her creative juices are always flowing and her passion for singing really makes her shine. 

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11/4/2009 7:00:00 AM