BF Cheated On Me...With My BFF!

My boyfriend just cheated on me with my BFF. I can’t dump him because I like him so much!

And I can’t be mad at my BFF because she didn’t know we were going out. Should I dump him?


She’s your BFF, and she didn’t even know you were going out with this guy? That alone is weird. She can’t be that good of a friend if she doesn’t even ask who you’re dating these days. I guess you can’t be mad at her since she didn’t even know you were a couple.

But you can be angry with him, unless there’s a chance he didn’t know you were going out either. If he knew, and was aware you two were BFFs, there’s no excuse for his cheating. Even though you really like him, move on. It sounds like you care about the relationship a lot more than he does.

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9/24/2009 7:00:00 AM