Fall Nail Mania!

This season, it’s all about the digits. We spilled about the best new polishes in the October/November issue, but we keep fallin’ for new hues! From a lovely light green to bold blue, your tips have never been so trendy.
Keep reading for four new ways to make your nails a knock-out.
A Multihued Mani
This rainbow-inspired look is crazy-easy to pull off (just use whatever polishes you already have), and feels super-fun. Slap on a few of your fave bold polishes on one hand (think: yellow, blue, black, purple, orange—whatever ya have hanging around). When you paint the second hand, make sure it’s totally mismatched to up the wacky effect. 
 Zoya La-Di-Da Sampler, $36,
Golden Girl Digits
Perf for homecoming or holiday parties, blinged out nails are a cold-weather classic. This year they’re super-amped up. We chatted with Minx manicurist Natasha Ray, who swears by their Gold Lightning for fall. “It looks like 14-karat gold,” she gushes. Don’t wanna shell out for a salon manicure? Deborah Lippman’s Nefertiti is an amazing match. Diva alert!
 Lippmann Collection, $16,
Pale Green Polish
Celebs and fashionistas alike are super-obsessed with jade digits. Ditch the pricey designer polish, and snap up OPI’s matte take on the hue. How fresh.
OPI Matte Nail Lacquers in Green Gargantua Grape, $9, 
Super-Blue Tips
Bright blue was one of our fave looks from Spring 2010 Fashion Week in NYC. But why wait for warm weather? This color is as comfy as your most broken-in pair of jeans and looks just as awesome.
 China Glaze Nail Polish, $5, 


by Katie Abbondanza & Megan Parker | 2/1/2016