My bestie is in the hospital!

My BFF is in the hospital with a cancerous tumor. They said she's going to be OK and that the tumor can be removed, but her family is still going through a lot of hardship.

I really miss her and want to help out in someone way. Any ideas? She's going through chemotherapy and has lost all of her hair. Help me please!'


Hey chicky, it's so great that you want to cheer up a good friend and you are so sweet to care so much. Your friend is going through a lot and I'm sure that you just being there helps loads. She's definitely going to need a shoulder and the best way to help is to consistently be there for her. If she's going through a bad day, let her know she's got you. Supporting someone emotionally is the best of best-est of ways to help.

Losing hair, especially for a girl, is tremendously difficult and can do a lot to bring down her self-esteem. Tell your friend how beautiful she is and don't let her get down in the dumps about her physical appearance. Once she's back on her feet, maybe you two can go shopping together and look for cute hats and accessories to vamp up your outfits. So she doesn't feel like the odd one out, why don't you get a couple too?

With you by her side, she'll be back to her old self in no time.

Hugs, kisses, and all that jazz,
GL Girls

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12/9/2009 7:00:00 AM