My friend freaked 'cause I like boys AND girls

About a week ago, I told my two besties that I liked both boys and girls. One of them was OK with it, but the other had a panic attack! She was yelling at me! Then she started going around school telling everyone I was a lesbian (which I'm not!) and now no one will talk to me.

It got to my sister and she told my parents who now won't talk to me.
How can I clear up my situation at school and at home?!

Hey girl, this sounds like a tough sitch but kudos to you for opening up and staying true to yourself. I'm sure the chaos will die down soon, but remember that you should never be ashamed or embarrassed to just be who you are!

Embrace it!

A lot of girls get confused when they go through puberty about liking boys and girls. It's natural to be curious and just 'cause you're attracted to girls now doesn't necessarily mean you're a lesbian. You're open to exploring your sexuality and finding out who you are doesn't scare you. And if you do end up liking only girls, or if you like both boys AND girls, embrace it because that's just how ya are!

Buds who back you up

Right now you need to be around peeps who support you. It's really not cool the way your one friend reacted and how she told the school what you confided in her. I would talk to her one-on-one, or write her a letter to let her know how you feel. If she's still being close-minded and not supporting you, then consider taking a break from her and just stick close to friends who accept you. As for your classmates, you really don't owe any of them an explanation. If they tease you or ask you about it, just ignore them or tell them it's none of their business.

Happiness at home

Sit down with your fam and talk to them about it. Your family loves you and no matter what happens they'll be there for you. Maybe they're just confused and need some time to clear their minds. It's best to talk about it now and get it all out so you can clean up all the confusion.

Find friends who support ya

Writing in a journal could help you deal with your own emotions. Maybe you can show your mom some of things that you're thinking, or talk to your school counselor about it. Try finding a group for bisexual teens that you could join and share your coming out experiences with. Just remember that what you're feeling is normal and you deserve to be around people that love you no matter what!

-Katie S.

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12/30/2009 7:00:00 AM