How to Wear Liquid Eyeliner

Liquid eyeliner is key to getting that cute, catty eye we keep spying on all our fave celebs or a fab, thick liner to define your eyes. We’ve got all the secrets for mastering this sometimes tricky (but always gorgeous!) liner.
Get prepped for seriously pretty peepers.

Ready, steady!
If you have trouble keeping your hand still, then try resting your elbow against the bathroom counter. That way, you’ll be able to line your lids in a super-straight line. To be extra precise, choose a liquid liner that has a pointy felt tip instead of a brush. It’s way easier.

 Draw it On

Use a regular liner to draw a few dots across your lash line. Hold the brush at an angle, and carefully connect all of the dots. A plum hue flatters all eyes!

MAC Liquidlast Liner , $17,

Go Catty
To get retro-cool cat liner, extend the liner slightly past the edge of your and up a li’l (it’ll almost look like a check mark). Made a mistake? A Q-tip loaded with makeup remover should clean it up. Then, dab the area dry and start over.

-Megan Parker


12/24/2009 7:00:00 AM