5 New Year Resolutions to a Greener You!

Worried about the environment, but not sure you have the power to help? Of course you do! It’s about taking small steps to contribute to the bigger (and greener!) picture of protecting our planet now for a better future.
Try these five easy and FUN ways to go green! 2010 is the year for an environmentally friendly YOU!
Go fashion!
Consignment and thrift stores sell gently used clothing for prices that ANY allowance can afford! Recycling clothing is like getting the trendiest hand-me-downs from your cool big sis. Goodwill and Salvation Army are two thrift stores with locations in just about every town. When you get a compliment on your new (old-school) outfit, you’ll know you look awesome and helped out Mama Earth, too.
Find a Goodwill store near you!
Search for your closest Salvation Army.
Tip: Consignment stores are more relaxed about their dressing room policies. Wear tights or spandex with a tank top so you can try on clothes in the aisles of the stores, too!
Go hydration!
Ditch plastic bottles and buy a reusable water carrier. Stop buying bottled water and opt for a girly SIGG to refill at the fountain instead. It’s the easiest (not to mention cutest!) way to keep trashed bottles from filling up landfills—and its awesome design might just catch the attention of your crush!

Tip: If you have to buy plastic water bottles, use 'em again. You can safely reuse plastic bottles for up to a week, but they become icky and germ-infested after that. And psst! Don't forget to recycle oldies when you're totally done using.
Go transportation!
Having your own ride to school is the coolest thing, ever. But, it’s not cool to drive if you’re doing it solo! Help lessen car emissions that pollute the air and hurt the environment by carpooling with a few of your closest friends. Make a schedule by rotating drivers every week. Don't have a license? Get your 'rents together and arrange a plan to pick up chicas around your hood. You’ll have all the time you need to catch up on the latest gossip, listen to your new favorite jams and even share breakfast before the first bell rings!

Tip: Car pooling isn’t just for school days. Ride with friends to the weekend’s basketball game, party, or trip to the mall for extra time with your friends and some extra time helping the planet, too!
Go food!
Help end global warming, wasted resources (like land, water and forests) and pollution by eliminating meat from your diet one day a week. Eating a vegetarian meal isn’t about dieting or not eating your favorite foods—it’s a great way to go green by omitting eats that can sometimes harm the Earth. Yep, raising animals for meat production has some serious environmental effects. According to, eating one pound of meat hurts the environment the same as driving a gas-guzzling SUV 40 miles. Eek!
Tip: Not sure how to eat vegetarian? Visit for your free vegetarian starter kit with all the information you need (plus easy, free and yummy recipes!) to lessen meat from your diet.
Go school!
Print double-sided for a great grade in green. Printing papers and projects on both sides of your printer paper is an easy way to use less paper. It’s like recycling on-the-go! For class, ask your prof if they can change the settings on the printer so that you can print on both sides. For home, after selecting the option to print from your personal computer, select “options” to choose “print on both sides.” This is sometimes called “duplex” printing. If you can’t figure it out, ask your parents to help.
Tip: “Scaling” two or more pages to one printer page is another great way to use paper wisely. After selecting print, look for “zoom” and the option to changes “pages per sheet.” Fold each sheet between the scaled pages to create a mini book, rather than a paper-heavy, planet-heavy pile!


by Sammy Davis | 2/1/2016