My Pals Make Me Play Referee

My two friends always get in a fight like three times a week and they always bring me in to it.

I don’t do anything because sometimes they work it out. How do I help them?

- josiejo

If your friends fight that frequently, they’re probably not very good friends. Try to avoid hanging with both of them together, since that'll just give them more of an excuse to argue. When they are together (like at school), walk away or say, “I refuse to be in the middle of another fight” whenever they start to brawl.

Talk to each one on her own, and explain that you hate being dragged into their fights, and won’t put up with it anymore. It’s up to them, then, to keep things calm and maintain the friendships. If they seem to want to be friends, but just can’t stop fighting, suggest they go talk to the guidance or peer counselor together.

- Andie :)

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1/20/2010 7:00:00 AM