Top 5 Snow Day Activities

It’s a world of white outside your window, and you just heard that school is closed. You cheer, jump and go back to bed for a li’l bit…but what happens when you wake up? You’ve got a snow day, but how should you spend it? GL’s got five fresh ideas that will keep your day off school very cool.

1. Winter Olympics

All right, so the real one is in Vancouver next month, but that’s no reason why you can’t use the snow outside to host your own Olympics. Grab your snow gear, your neighbors and split into teams. Plan different events using your fave snow activities: snowball fight, snowman making contest, sled race, etc. It’s your classic snow day with a competitive twist! And when the games are done? Have your own award ceremony! Make certificates, DIY medals and warm up with all the players over hot chocolate. Mmmm!

2. A Day at the Cinema

Too cold to go outside? If the flakes keep on falling, don’t be deterred. Hang out with your sibs or grab a neighbor and have a movie marathon inside. Choose your fave flicks, pop some popcorn and pour some soda. Shut the blinds and have your own little movie theater right in your fam room. Heart snow? Watch some wintry flicks. Dreaming of a tropical getaway? Go for summer movies instead.

3. Treasure Hunt

Here’s a new take on outdoor snow day faves. Arrange a scavenger hunt with your siblings, friends and neighbors. Split up into teams and make a list of common items you can find outside (stick, rock, leaves, etc.). The added challenge is pulling them out of the snow! Race to get all the items first. If you’re looking for a round two, try making a list of household items and going door-to-door for each one. Be sure to ask your ‘rents first if they think it's OK to ask the neighbors.

4. Cooking Mama

Make something sweet! Try planning a meal for your fam. Flip through recipe books and choose a yummy but do-able dish. Pick out an entree, appetizer and dessert, prep it up and serve to your family restaurant-style! Create menus and set the table, then play waitress for the evening. Heads up though, cooking queen— before you start making your dish, be sure to approve your cooking selections with the head chef  first—your mom or dad!

5. Imagination Station

Alone, bored and feelin’ like blah? Get your creative juices flowing, sistah. There must be something a li’l out-there that you’ve never had a sec to try during your daily grind. Gather up photos of your friends and fam and make a cute collage, paint a picture, start a book of poems, pen your own play or make up dances to your favorite songs. Another cool thing to do is a personal fashion show. Experiment with diff pieces in your closet ‘til you find new combos. It’s also a great way to spring clean before the leaves turn green. Oh, and make a list of new stuff you’ll need for warmer weather, too.


by Alyssa Bailey | 2/1/2016