Save the date: Valentine's Day sleepover!

Even if you're single on the day of love, it's no reason to sulk and sigh. This weekend heart having fun. Throw an oh-so-sweet sleepover party to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your best girls!
Sweets for the sweet

Who doesn’t love grabbing a bite of a tasty warm treat straight out of the oven? While your goodies are baking to perfection, chat about your newest crush or start a movie.

Remember to keep an eye on the clock and the oven! When they're done, pull out the pink frosting, red heart sprinkles and edible gel to spell out some cute love-themed messages. Try these Melt-Your-Heart Fudge Brownies.

Another great idea? Heart-shaped cupcakes. Find one-time use tinfoil heart-shaped pans, a box of cupcake mix, red and pink sprinkles and pink cake frosting at the grocery store. If you can’t find pink frosting, mix the white frosting with a few drops of red food dye and mix well. You can even mix some sprinkles (like your own version of a V-Day Funfetti confection!) in the cupcake batter so they melt into the cake.

Have a secret crush? Let your friends know by writing his name on a sweet treat! Secret's out...

Truth or Dare...Valentine’s Day style!
Take a lovesick spin on this old-school fave. So much fun!

Ask truths like, “Who is your deepest, darkest crush?” and “What is your most embarrassing V-Day story?” Pump up the excitement with dares like, “I dare you to ask your crush on a date” or “I dare you to walk past your crush with toilet paper stuck to your shoes!”

These movies will touch all your Hearts Day emotions! There’s a lot to choose from, so pick one from each category.

Happily Ever After:

50 First Dates
How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
The Princess Bride

Crying ‘til your heart’s content:

A Walk to Remember
(500) Days of Summer
My Best Friend’s Wedding
Tristan and Isolde

Love letters
It’s not Valentine’s Day without super-cute cards. And it’s not a REAL valentine without a little homemade love. So get out or scissors and glue and try some of these unique valentine ideas.

Share the love! Fold a paper in half and draw half of the heart so that the folded side is in the inside of the heart. When you open it up, you have the shape. To make it a heart that opens like a card, draw the whole shape, but make a corner of the heart connected by leaving part of the folded side open and still together. Have any ribbon or lace lying around? Glue it on for a frilly, fancy border!

Get set to sparkle. Use white liquid glue to spell out "I Love You," then sprinkle on the glitter. The more glitter, the better. Shake your valentine over a piece of paper when the glue has dried, so that you don't waste any extra sparkle. Then fold that paper in half and use it as a funnel to get the glitter back in the tube to use again later on.

After the PJ party is over you and the gals can exchange V-Day gifts with each other or your fam. Better yet? Be bold and give a card or somethin' sweet to your crush!


by Hallie Rybka | 2/1/2016