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14 fresh outdoor escapades for you 'n' your buds



What are you waiting for? Dive right in!


  • 01-night.jpg

    Totally bored on a gorgeous summer night? Round up your neighborhood buds via text and invite them over for a massive game of flashlight tag.


    Wanna mix it up? Try…

    - Manhunt

    - Twilight kick-the-can

    - Capture the flag

  • 02-olympics.jpg


    Host an afternoon of Olympics-style relay races. So it’s an off year. So what? It’s time to start lookin’ forward to London 2012!


    What do I win? Our best ideas…

    - Coupon for a wardrobe raid from each of the losers

    - A huge ice-cream sundae

    - A gift card to Forever 21, American Eagle or Claire’s

  • 03-dog.jpg


    Enjoy the weather with your pooch. Take Fido outside for a walk in the a.m. through the dog days of summer.


    Wanna chuckle? Our best not-so-purrrfect pet stories:

    - Bad dog!

    - Puppy love?

    - Candid kitties


    PLUS our top-10 pooch pandemonium tales!

  • 04-lightning.jpg


    Catch lightning bugs with your BFF or siblings…but don’t forget to let ‘em go afterward!


    Turn it up a notch with…

    - A nature walk—totally perfect for beautiful babysitting days!

    - A scavenger hunt

    - Critter watching. Grab a guidebook and some binoculars and turn it into a contest.

  • 05-money.jpg


    Start a dog walking business or car wash in your neighborhood! You can soak up the sun while earning some serious cash.


    Want some more ideas?

    - 15 ways to make major moolah

    - Quick tips from teen entrepreneurs

    - Wanna make $3,000 this summer? Our 10 big bucks commandments

  • 06-rollerblade.jpg


    Go rollerblading around the neighborhood and catch some rays while you tone.


    Grab some killer jams…

    - Your favorite celeb’s summer playlists

    - Fresh workout songs

    - Pump up your workout!

  • 07-rollercoaster.jpg


    Get a group together and visit an amusement park. Make silly faces at the camera as you free-fall on the biggest rollercoaster they have. Cheese!


    Can’t miss activities?

    - Go free-wheelin’ on the Ferris wheel

    - Splash your way down a lazy river

    - Take a ride on the teeny tot coaster 6-year-old you used to love

  • 08-zoo.jpg


    Go wild at the zoo. This relaxed day trip makes for a fun outing with friends or fam. Be sure to take along your camera!


    We love…

    - Feeding the elephants

    - Growling back at the lions ‘n’ tigers (and bears, oh my!)

    - Checking out the chimps

    - Shivering in the reptile house. Can you say creepy?

    - Making faces at the fish

  • 09-biking.jpg


    Check out the local trails…on your bike. Cycling in the great outdoors will get your adrenaline pumping, and exploring trails you’ve never been on before instead of the same-old beaten path to your bestie’s house will open your eyes to new places right around the corner.


    We heart…

    - Reclaimed railroad tracks that are no longer in use

    - Park systems

    - Canal paths and river walks

  • 10-fishing.jpg


    Go fishing! Head to the nearest pond with a rod in hand and see what you can catch. Bonus points for snagging the biggest fish of the day. Toss ‘em back or fry them up for dinner—your choice.


    Not sure of what to wear when ya might be getting wet? Consider wearing jeans if the bugs are swarming an grab a pair of waterproof boots to keep your tootsies dry. Don’t forget a floppy topper to keep your head cool!

  • 11-kite.jpg


    Fly a kite! Come on, when was the last time you pulled your kite out of the heap of summer toys in the garage? Let it fly at the beach, a park or an open field.


    Our favorite fly-a-kite moment? It’s a tie between Drew Barrymore’s fancy-free Ever After and the Julie Andrews classic Mary Poppins.

  • 12-tubing.jpg

    Go tubing. This is a fun and exhilarating activity—you've gotta try it this summer!


    OMG! Hysterical fun-in-the-sun moments from Y-O-U

    - Just hangin’ around

    - Baring it all

    - Port-a-potty smackdown


    CLICK HERE for even more hysterical summer sitches

  • 13-sport.jpg

    Try a new sport. It's great exercise and you can make a lot of new friends this way!


    Need some ideas?

    - We are falling for Frisbees! Try playing disc golf or organizing a game of ultimate Frisbee.

    - Grab a racquet and play some backyard ping-pong or badminton

    - Set up a net in the grass or over the pool for volleyball


  • 14-laps.jpg

    Swim laps at the pool. You can catch some rays while toning your bod for that bathing suit. Just don't forget lots of SPF!


    We’ve got everything you need:

    - GL’s swimsuit roundup

    - Summer skin protection 101

    - A get-wet workout


BY GL ON 6/22/2011 7:00:00 AM

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