GL's Halloween Headquarters 2010

Why spend ages planning out your Oct. 31 when you could be livin’ it up…and letting GL figure out the deets? We know you’re busy this weekend, girl, so we’ve put our 13 Days of Halloween tips, tricks, treats and tidbits all in one place.
Happy Halloween!  
Costume Crazy


Start with four awesome (and affordable!) costume ideas. As you settle on a look, draw inspiration from your fave celebs. Seeing multiples? Check out our great group costumes. If you’re still stuck on what to be, we’ve got a bunch of last-minute DIY costumes for you to choose from. Remember, girlies, keep it cute, sweet 'n' sassy this Halloween, not scanty.


And don’t forget to send in a pic of you wearing your costume for a chance to win our Halloween costume contest!


Not in the mood to dress up? No prob. Get into the spirit without going overboard with these ghoulish glamour picks. Then polish your tips with a black ‘n’ orange French mani how-to or choose from these creepy/cool mani ideas. Pretty!


Tasty Tidbits


Wow your guests with creepy cupcakes. Snack on classic rice krispy treats with a dark twist. And before you head out trick-or-treating, take a look at these candy bin dos and don’ts.


Creepy Crafts and Devilish Décor


We are in love with these elegant, light-up luminaries. Does your house need to get haunted? Take a peek at our outdoor decorating ideas before it get dark.


Need to unwind? Grab a pumpkin and chillax, princess! Here’s a refreshing recipe for a pumpkin face mask that’ll get you in prime party form, inside and out.


Before you head to bed, light up a sugar pumpkin nightlight and enjoy the flickering candlelight.


Time to Party


Keep it classy with an old Hollywood horror party. Need some fresh air? Take the party outside with a Jack-O-Lantern jamboree.


Go super-glam with our Little Monster ball, or take it back to childhood with a cartoon character costume party. And for your post trick-or-treating pleasure, what could be better than an after party?


If you’re ready to stay up all night, we’ve got two sweet ‘n’ spooky sleepover ideas: pull out the scary movies or host a séance slumber party.


Do Good


Who says being good has to be a chore? Ditch candy for a cause by trick-or-treating for UNICEF, or stumble ‘round town on a zombie walk for charity.


Do something good for your bod and take our tips to make Halloween a li’l healthier.


Ghostly Good Fun


Check out your Halloween horrorscope and find out if Oct. 31 is going to be full of tricks or treats. Wanna wow the world? Break one of these Guinness Book of World (Halloween) Records. Then read some totally true tales of terror from GL readers just like you.


Settle down with 10 haunting Halloween reads. One of our faves? iDrakula, a 21st-century reimagining of the classic horror story. Stay up late with Fear: 13 Stories of Suspense and Horror from Goosebumps author R.L. Stine.


Plantin’ yourself in front of the tube? We’ve got 13 freaky flicks part one and part two. Not in the mood to scream? Get just a little spooked out with 13 not-too-scary movies. Plus: The Boy Who Cried Werewolf.


We’ve got the Halloween pop party playlist you’ve been dyin’ for, plus some old classics from Kidz Bop.

BY GL ON 10/31/2010 7:00:00 AM