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Balance your boy and your besties

We’ve all heard of the bestie who gets tossed aside for the new BF. But what if you’re the one with the romance? This time...


Tired of the trash talk

One of my friends has started talking trash about everyone in our crew…


Making the Distance

Everything may seem fine and dandy so far this year, but one thing is missing: your very best friend. Maybe she had to move because of her...


The Secret's Out!

The sec you found out your folks were splitting, you called your BFF. You needed to talk, and you trusted her not to blab. But...



Too close for comfort?

It sounds impossible, we know, but, gasp!, every awesome twosome can benefit from each girl branching out a bit. Before guilt sets in, know this...


Tattletale Troubles

I used to be best friends with this girl but as I got older I made some new friends and moved on. She has really strict parents and we would invite her to go out with us but...


My friends exclude me from hangouts

I keep reading on Facebook that a group of my friends were hanging out almost every night during break. And it really hurts because we...


My Friend is Bugging Me

I have this one friend; let's call him Joe. He’s amazingly sweet and funny. Then I have this other friend, let's call her Lisa. Lisa...



Should I dump my bragging best friend?

My best friend and I have been friends for 6 years. The thing is, she is always trying to be better than me (and she's succeeding, too.)...


All my friends label me "the good girl"--and I'm sick of it!

My parents are fairly strict about me going out alone to the mall and stuff (I'm not blaming them). My friends think I'm a party...


My BFF stole my BF!

My BF and my BFF had to go to summer school but I didn't. So before I went on vacation I gave them both really...


My friend's totally two-faced!

When we’re with friends, my friend acts like she hates me. But when we’re alone, she calls me her BFF. I don’t want to be her BFF!



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