GL’s bikini body boot camp
Can't wait to rock a totally toned bod this summer? Get in tip-top shape before you hit the beach with our best-ever workouts. 
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GL's bikini body workout

Get in tip-top shape...just in time for swimsuit weather!


Beyonce's trainer gifts GL readers with an awesome ab workout!

Ever wish you could get abs like a celeb? Now ya can. A-list trainer Marco Borges whipped up this tummy-flattening routine for us. Yay! ...


Get those gams: 3 moves to totally toned legs

Spring is finally here, and the prospect of sporting bikinis and micro-shorts has us all heading to the gym and exercising. But if you don't...


A red-carpet inspired workout

Look like your fave celebs in just four easy steps!



4 easy moves for amazing arms

The days are getting longer and warmer and tank-top season is right around the corner. Check out this rockin’ workout to tone up those arms and have you lookin’ fab in your end-of-year snaps.


5 ways to shake up your ab routine

Tired of not seeing any results from doing countless crunches? We’ve got five moves that will tighten your middle and are fun.


Create a fun circuit to do at home

Pop on some upbeat music and get ready to have a blast while you torch calories!


Speedy tips to tone up fast!

Trainer Nicole Clancy dishes exactly what to do to get your ultimate shape.



Flatten your abs without leaving your living room

Get awesome abs by New Year's Eve...


A Cheery (But Totally Tough) Workout

We chatted up author and former pro cheerleader Lindsay Brin about the best moves for toning up all over.


3 moves for yoga abs

Woo hoo! You can soo get those ultra-flat yogini abs without om-ing your way through an hour and a half class. We snagged yoga’s best gut busters.


A boot camp-inspired workout to get your butt in shape

They might seem tough at first, but after a while you’ll be in shipshape...



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