10 tips to stay in touch with your crush during summer

Three months may seem like a long time to be away from the boy you’ve been totally crushing on since September. But don’t worry! Here are some sly ways to make sure that the break from school isn’t a break from your crush.

1. Drop some hints before you leave school and let him know that you want to keep in touch over the summer. This will kick things into gear! If you want to be extra flirty, write it in his yearbook.
2. Act soon. Make plans with him early on in the summer, and then keep making them. You are much more likely to keep in contact all summer long.
3. Set up a group get-together. This is a good way to see your crush in a casual, comfortable setting. You can invite as many buds as you want to help ensure that all goes smoothly.
4. Surprise him with a message if you haven’t talked for a while. You can chat him online, text him, call him or whatever works for you two. These are great ways to chat if you’re short on time or are away for a while.
5. Ask him out. This may seem obvious and scary, but take advantage of all the free time you have in the summer. Try these tips to ask him out without sounding desperate. And if he says no, you won’t have to see him again for a few months. That means puh-lenty of cuties to scope out in the meantime.
6. Start out with daytime plans if would rather take things slow. Hanging out can be more casual and relaxed if the occasion doesn’t scream date. Do something outdoors, this way you can enjoy each other’s company and the weather.
7. Invite him to go swimming. Who doesn’t love the classic summertime date? Or, you could try one of these warm weather date ideas.
8. Send your crush a postcard. This shows that you’re thinking of him when you’re on vacay. You could even include that you want to hang once you get home.
9. If the roles are reversed and he was the one who took a trip, tell him that you want to catch up and hear all about it when he gets back.
10. Have an end-of-summer BBQ. Invite your friends and crush (obvi) to get things back on track before the school year. This way you can feel out where you two stand and get the new school year off on the right foot.
If you are not quite comfortable trying to get together with your crush, don’t fret! You have a full three months to yourself. Enjoy the company of your best buds and make the most of it. Try not to spend too much time thinking about a guy you won’t even see until school starts. Who knows, a new guy might catch your eye!

BY CAROLINE MACLURE ON 6/8/2013 12:00:00 AM

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