9 ways to go way out with your 4th of July party

Feeling crafty? Well are ya, chica? Good, ‘cause we’ve got the DIYs to totally trick out your Independence Day party. Get ready for a red, white and blue bash that is totally star-spangled!


Sand art

Colorful sand piled high in Mason jars, vases and funky glasses is an inexpensive way to add a punch of color to any party—so why should the Fourth be any different? Bury a citronella candle to keep bugs at bay, shove in some skewered rice krispy treats or simply you them to weigh down napkins and table cloths.






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Fruity fun

Ever wondered how people create those crazy carved watermelon creations? Well, this craft lets you in on the secret. Put ‘em on display, then cut ‘em open come dessert time. Don’t forget the seed-spitting contest. Hey, it’s tradition!






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Rock on!

Punk up your stars ‘n’ stripes apparel with a little gesture of goodwill. All you need is a plain white cami or t-shirt and some fabric paint in classic red and blue. Want to walk on the wild side? Try crafting a classic American flag in fresh colors, like preppy pink and green or eye-popping neons.





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Nail it

We will always adore a cute mani, and this one takes the typical flag to a funky new level. Go red, white and blue, but try fresh prints and patterns rather than traditional stars and stripes. Adorbs!






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Sparkle ‘n’ shine

Your party treat doesn’t need to be perfect to make a statement. Case in point? This towering layer cake. Topped with a sprinkle flag and bonfire-worthy sparklers, it’s a definite wow-worthy confection. Give it a try—but do keep your parents standing by!




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With this wreath on your front door, everyone will know where to go. This craft is totally kid-friendly, so ya might wanna save it for a last-minute babysitting gig…or for when your siblings get a little antsy before the party. Spray paint a pile of clothespins, grab a circular wreath form (or twist one out of floral wire or a wire hanger from the dry cleaners) and get pinning.






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The Fourth a flop? Never!

Craft store shelves are stocked right now with fun novelty ribbons and décor. Snag a cheap pair of flip-flops and a friend, and tie on and glue silly odds and ends to your hearts’ content.






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Punch it up

If you’re serving lemonade or punch, try adding in red and blue fruit (we love the strawberries and blueberries pictures here, but raspberries and blackberries would be pretty, too) and star-shaped ice cubes. They’re easy ways to instantly up the sophistication factor.





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Starry night

This DIY bunting is draped over a chair, but you can put yours anywhere! Cut stars out of cardstock (or old book pages, newspaper or felt), use a sewing machine to connect them in a line (or hot glue string to the back) and hang like streamers, create a curtain over a door or backyard gate or drape over bushes. For a classy look, weave through tree branches along with twinkle lights. Pretty!





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