6 festive 4th of July hairstyles

July 4th is all about festive fun, so why not rock a few stars and stripes in your ’do? With inspo from celebs, Pinterest and the best of this summer’s styles, it’s easy to get patriotic pretty in a flash. Check out these simple, quick hair tips for your 4th. No splurging necessary!
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    Festively floral
    Like many celebs, Bella Thorne has been seen rocking the hair hit of the season: the flower crown. We’re loving this summery getup, especially for festivals and bashes. Go for reds, whites and blues for a patriotically chic statement.
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    Festively floral


    Oversized Ombre Flower Crown Headwraps, $24,
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    Sweetened-up stars and stripes
    Ariana’s total bow obsession is sweet as apple pie. And with our nation’s big day right around the corner, there’s no better time to try the all-American look for yourself. This 4th, clip in a few festive bows or go bolder with an oversized headband.
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    Sweetened-up stars and stripes


    Stars and Stripes Oversized Bow Headband, $7, 
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    Sweetened-up stars and stripes


    Patriotic American Flag Hair Bow, $8,
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    Land of the free, home of the braid
    This Pinterest-inspired style looks totally sophisticated and cool, but it’s super simple and only takes a sec to perfect. It’s just as easy as it sounds. First, separate your hair like you normally would to prep for a braid. Select one of the sections and knot a thin ribbon (one that’s decked out in stars and stripes, of course) around the hair. Then braid all the segments together for a cute pop of patriotism.
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    Bring back the bandana
    Go classic and cute with a bandana headband. This DIY look requires no supplies and almost no time. Pick up a cheap USA bandana and keeping folding it in about 1-inch folds until you’ve got one long, thin rectangle. Then place the folded bandana across your forehead and tie it in the back.
    Photo via Pinterest
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    Bring back the bandana


    American Flag Bandana, $2, 
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    Patriotic pony
    For a fashion-forward ‘do that doesn’t sacrifice comfort, go for one of Selena Gomez’s faves: the high pony. You’ll stay cool until the last firework bursts with this no-fuss classic. Secure pesky flyaways with some adorable flag pins.
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    Patriotic pony


    American Flag Hair Pin Set, $2, 
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    Spunky streaks
    Feeling extra festive? Embrace your US pride with super fun clip-in color streaks. There’s no need to commit with this one-step, totally temporary accessory. Go for red, white, blue or the whole flag! Clip the piece to an underneath segment of hair to keep the look cool, not crazy.
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