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31 reasons October rocks our socks

Oh, October, we love thee so! But the thing is, we can’t pick just one thing we love most. We can’t even stick to a top 10. Nope, we had to come up with 31 things to adore. Appropriate, no?


Hocus Pocus is on TV again. Yay!


It gives you a good excuse to marathon horror movies. And throw popcorn at the screen.


And what better reason to clutch your crush with terror as you ‘n’ your buds walk through a haunted house?


Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are shaped like pumpkins, which is awesome.


You get to run around after dark in a costume. And ask strangers for candy.


A pillowcase full of candy. So. Much. Candy.


It’s finally starting to feel like fall, minus sleet and snow and all that messy stuff.


There are leaves to collect and kick and peep at and jump in!


And cool boots to wear while you do it. Yesss.


Those teeny little pumpkins are everywhere, and they just make us smile.


But the big ones are the ones you carve. And it’s wicked good, messy fun.


Then you get to eat all the roasty-toasty pumpkin seeds.


And wash ‘em down with a pumpkin-y drink from your favorite coffee shop.


While you’re at it, might as well make some pumpkin muffins or bread or pie or something. Because, pumpkin, guys.


Everywhere you go, you can smell cinnamon. And it smells so flipping good.


Which means it’s time to stock up on all your favorite seasonal good-smelling things, like body lotion and air freshener and candles.


Which also means that it’s early enough to start thinking optimistically about what you might get everyone for the holidays, but not so late that you start freaking out about it.


Now that it’s cold outside, it’s time to break out Granny’s awesome comfort food recipes. Hello, mac ‘n’ cheese, where have you been all summer?


The time is ripe to go apple picking. (Haha, get it?)


And when you’ve carted your 200 apples back home, it’s time to get creative. Apple pie, apple butter, apple crumble, apple everything. Delicious.


All of your shows are finally back. Including PLL for their annual n special.


It’s totally OK to spend time curled up on the couch reading instead of being outside, um, sweating. Because, Mom and guilty conscience, it’s cold.


And you could light a fire in the fireplace. Because it’s cold. Snap, crackle, pop, baby!


Speaking of, those Rice Krispie treats with the little orange and black sprinkles in them that your bestie’s mom makes for n are super tasty. Note to self: Get recipe, stat.


It is Homecoming season, which means Spirit Week. Who’s gonna rock crazy hat day? This girl!


Also, totes O.K. to go vampy with the makeup. If anyone gives you a weird look and you feel like you’ve gotta justify those cateyes or red lips, just say one word: Halloween.


You can finally cuddle up underneath a pile of cozy blankets without turning up the A.C. and the fan speed.


Between Oktoberfests, corn mazes, haunted hayrides and pumpkin picking, there is so much seasonal fun to be had, it’s crazy.


Squirrels are going frantic gathering nuts for winter. And when you can’t beat the next level of Candy Crush, they make for good entertainment.


And now that it’s nippy outside, puppies are parading around in cute little sweaters. Aww…


But the number-one reason? Halloween, baby! We’re talking cotton cobwebs, plastic spiders, grinning Jack-O’-Lanterns and everything else that comes with it. Just a whole, uh, month to go…



Your turn! What’s your favorite thing about October?




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