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10 right-now characters to dress up as this Halloween

2013 is a huge year for young adult fiction—why not show off your favorite releases with your Halloween costume? Here are 10 bookish babes (and a few of their favorite boys) to dress up as this year. Don’t forget the pillowcase! We’re seeing tons of treats in your future.


Tris from Allegiant

Beatrice Prior, aka Tris, is the strong-as-steel, tough-as-iron protagonist in Veronica Rother’s Divergent series. Celebrate the release of the final book in the trilogy this October by drawing on her bird tattoos with liquid eyeliner. Curl your long hair or wear it short (or in a faux) bob to mimic Tris’ Insurgent look.


Cath from Fangirl

Rainbow Rowell’s latest novel delves into the world of fan fiction and the Internet celebs who build upon popular authors’ unique worlds. Pop on a tee or sweatshirt from your favorite fandom—or dress up like your favorite character and pretend you’re one your way to a midnight book signing.


Alina Starkov from Siege and Storm

DIY a black Kefta and the golden charm of the Darkling and you’re set to play Alina, heroine of the Grisha trilogy by Leigh Bardugo. We love how plucky Alina is, and that she doesn’t know her own strength, yet is determined to do what is right for her…and the world. Rock on, we say!


Rory Deveaux from The Madness Underneath

Louisiana anti-deb Rory heads to London to attend a traditional British boarding school. Dress in your prepster uniform best—pleated skirt, button-down shirt, blazer with school patch and tie. Top it off with a terminus to really play the part.


Annabeth Chase from The House of Hades

The daughter of Athena and a man, Annabeth is a demigod who doesn’t exactly have a solid place in mortal society. She is a ringleader at Camp Half-Blood, and known for her warrior prowess. Be sure to carry a celestial knife…and have boyfriend Percy Jackson in tow.


Scarlet and Cinder from Scarlet

Pick a pal and play with classic fairytales Cinderella and Little Red Riding Hood. The cyborg Cinder is a second-class citizen in Marissa Meyer’s Lunar Chronicles series. When she meets up with Scarlet, who is in search of her grandmother, who knows what the duo is capable of?


Eureka from Teardrop

An excuse to dress up as Lauren Kate’s latest heroine? We are so there! Grab a blue dress and a pile of tulle and frothy trim to mimic the look of Atlantis hero—or is she a villain?—Eureka. Paint tears trailing over your cheeks and add a little glowing glitter.


Kate Winters from The Goddess Inheritance

Transform into this modern mythical heroine from Aimee Carter’s series with a draped Greek-style gown and a mantle of stubbornness. Add symbols that represent the council tests she passed.


Lena Holloway and Hana Tate from Requiem

One friend struggles to survive in the Wilds, while the other fights for freedom she’s not sure she wants in Portland. Dress as Lena in a ragged collection of thrifted finds and use charcoal to dirty up your face. For Hana, why not pull on a wedding dress? Find something suitable at Forever 21 or a shop like Goodwill.


Katarina Bishop and W.W. Hale from Perfect Scoundrels

Pick a berry colored dress and an ace pair of sunglasses for Kat and dress Hale up in a dapper suit. Whispered conferences will keep everyone talking—what’s your latest heist? Only you two—and maybe Heist Society series author Ally Carter—will know!

BY BRITTANY TAYLOR ON 10/19/2013 7:10:00 PM