Ten Things

10 silly ways to talk up that thing you just wrote

Chick lit phenom Jennifer Weiner tossed this RT out to her bajillion Twitter followers, and we are so on board. Instead of modestly (and weirdly) announcing “that thing” you just poured your blood, sweat, tears and pencil lead into, why not be a little more cute and creative about it? We have a few ideas…


“Just finished the next great steam punk novel #nojoke” (because the world needs more steam punk and “the next great American novel” is just to meh)


“Mom says this is my best story yet. Read it to Rover and he fell asleep. Who wants to be the tie-breaker?”


“I spent all night pouring my heart out to my keyboard. Anyone dying to know all my secrets? Anyone?”


“Who needs a thesis statement when you could have fanfic? New chapter posted! Mortal Instruments: 1, HW: 0”


“OK, FB folks. Will name my villain after the first person to voluntarily read my latest story.”


“Ran out of paper printing my longest werewolf tail yet! #yesss #staplesrun #getit?”


“Any procrastinators out there want to read something wayyy better than chapters 2-6 of Moby Dick? Yep. Got it. Right here. Get at it.”


“Celebrating finishing my first novel with a cupcake party! Come on over <3”


“You read my silly/serious stories, I’ll read yours! Any takers?”


“Who’s got a shiny novel to her name? This girl! Read it and weep.”

BY BRITTANY TAYLOR ON 1/25/2014 12:00:00 AM