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Discover the magic of Erika McGann's The Broken Spell

Calling all fictional witch lovers and those who adore reading about casting spells and mastering flight. With schoolwork taking over your weekends, reading a good book is perfect for study breaks. So put down your pencil and prepare to be...


Travel around the world in 7 books

Let’s be real, we all wish we could get away from home for a while—especially if it’s a faraway place we’ve never been before. That’s why we’ve got the perfect reads for you wanderlust sweethearts who love to travel! Sit...


One fierce fall: 6 books to curl up with this season

Fierce Reads are some of the edgiest, most gripping YA novels we’ve read—and we can’t wait to check out this season’s new batch of bold books. Take a break from the stress of school (and your cell phone!), curl...


The countdown is finally over: Unraveled, the third and final book in Gennifer Albin's Crewel World trilogy, is out today!

To celebrate the conclusion of this twisted dystopian series, we’re looking back at the first two books. And even better: If you haven’t started the series yet, you can read Crewel for free on Wattpad (yes, the entire book!). Scroll...


Come one, come all, on an adventure to Pennyroyal Academy

When a girl happens upon a magical kingdom in the middle of the forest, she finds herself not only enchanted by its beauty, but endangered by its evil. She has no memory of her past life, or even her name...


Truly deals with digital drama in Unfriended...read the author Q&A and score a copy!

Popular posses, backstabbing besties and the online world of eighth-grade drama—things get tricky as Truly navigates the chaos of middle school and its digital dilemmas. Read on for a look at Unfriended by Rachel Vail…and flip through the slideshow for...


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To get your Instagram peeps in the mood for fall, you post a photo of…

Our six picks for a thrilling fall reading list? CLICK HERE to check out the newest batch of Fierce Reads!

6 books to curl up with this season...


It'll be one fierce fall when you pick up our six picks from the bold new batch of Fierce Reads. CLICK HERE to check out the titles, score free chapters and more!

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