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3 HOURS AGO Why you should be rockin' a super cute sun hat this season: http://t.co/6iUJMHrLzm

6 HOURS AGO Don't worry; shaving your arms will not make your hair grow back like a sasquach: http://t.co/xbnHVhvheI

7 HOURS AGO What would you do if your mom blogged all of your private (& majorly embarrassing) moments for the world to see? http://t.co/CFJM3Sv1B4


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What's your type?


Do you go for radical skater dudes? Brainiac boys are more your speed? Whether you’re totally boy-crazy or completely crush-free, our quiz will spy what kind of guy catches your eye.

You plan to spend Saturday night:


When Mom drops you off at the mall, you head straight to:


If you wanted to let your crush know you like him, you’d:


If you received a note signed, “Your Secret Admirer,” you’d:


Your idea of a great date meal is:


It’s the first day of sleepover camp, and you walk into the dining hall with your new bunkmate. Which guy do you scope?


How would you spend a lazy afternoon?


The last thing you bought to give your wardrobe a jump was:


Which of the following is easiest for you to memorize?


You’d love to see your crush wearing:


What should a potential BF do to capture your heart?

Oh no! Your room is a mess and your crew is coming over in an hour. How do ya deal?


Score Splat Hair Chalk!


Calling all beauty babes: Want to score a sweet stash of Splat Hair Chalk, then show us your style for a chance to be featured in an upcoming beauty story? CLICK HERE to enter! 

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