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Will you stick to your resolutions this year?

How’s your stick-to-it status? Do you fail after New Years? Slump for back-to-school? Not quite make it by spring break? Well, bye-bye, bad habits. Hello, healthy new ones!  Take our quiz and find out if you have what it takes to make it or break it. Then, read our resolution strategies to get psyched up.

Your low-rises have been feeling a tad tight so you vow to stop eating so much junk food. The next day, your buds want to hit McDonald’s for a Super-Size snack. How do you deal?


Your grades could use a boost, so you decide to spend an extra hour each night on homework. You:


Your room looks like a bomb hit it. You haven’t made your bed in like forever, your clothes and CDs are everywhere—and is that a piece of petrified pepperoni stuck to the rug? Things are beyond gross, so you do a massive cleanup and make a solemn promise to maintain order forever. How does your room look a week later?


You love long, dragonlady nails, even though yours are kinda thin and scraggly. So you:


You and your BFF have made a joint resolution—to stick to an exercise plan. Every day after school, you’ll go for a run, even if it’s cold outside. After a while, your BFF misses some workouts. What do you do?


Might as well face it—you’re addicted to gum. You’ve been chewing Bazooka 24/7 for as long as you can remember. But, last week, you caught a glimpse of yourself in the mirror mid-chomp…and it was not a pretty sight. So you’re quitting cold turkey. Problem is, your friends are always breaking out the Juicy Fruit. And that Bubble Yum at the 7-Eleven is calling your name. How do you cope with the temptation?


Your cash stash is short, so you’ve decided to save half your allowance each week. Now, your fun funds are limited. And the girls are always inviting you to the movies and mall. How can you go with them without blowing the money you hoped to put away?


You want to give more of your time to people in need, so you volunteer at a local nursing home. You really love visiting with the old folks who live there. Still, you have to miss all your school’s weekend basketball games because of your schedule. That seems pretty unfair. You:


You got a new MP3 player for the holidays. It’s the very latest model, and it’s really cool—but it’s so complicated to set up. You’ve made it your resolution to figure out how to make it work all by yourself. You:

Ahh, summer lovin'. Do you think summer flings can last?


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