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Can you think like your guy?

Guys and girls look at life way differently in oh-so-many ways. This can be cool—after all, if everybody thought the same, how boring would that be? But existing in two separate worlds can be way frustrating, especially when it comes to communicating. Do you have what it takes to see things from your BF’s POV (that’s point of view)? We show you how dealing with your guy buds, your crushes and even your brother can be a lot easier!



You’re meeting Austin, your school’s hottie star pitcher, for a getting-to-know-you banana split. You’ve spent the past hour trying on every pair of jeans you own—even the ones you haven’t worn in years. You finally settle on your new Sevens because:


You and your new crush Ben are watching the latest sappy Oscar winner on DVD. The ending makes you bawl your eyes out. As you reach for another Kleenex, you catch sight of Ben, staring at the TV with his mouth hanging open. What is he thinking?


Your 10-year-old brother constantly tortures you. He pinches you on the fleshy part of your arms, where it hurts most. He put a live frog in your loafer, which you discovered when you slipped your bare foot into it. And last time Mom bought your fave Tasty Kakes, he ate every last one. Why is he such a creepy, annoying little slime monster?


You and Joe have been friends since you were bio partners last year. Dissecting frogs is, after all, a major bonding experience. Yesterday, in lab, he confessed that he’s mega-crushing on Jennifer, the gorgeous cheerleader in your English class. Joe never mentioned liking a girl before. Why now?


What’s your BF’s idea of a perfect Sunday?


You’ve been going with Michael for a month. Your birthday is coming up, and you have no idea what surprise he has planned. If you had to guess, what’s he most likely got up his sleeve?


Your cousin John is the best JV basketball player at his school, and you’re the best on your team. So, when you visit him, you guys go one-on-one—and you beat him almost every time. Do you think it secretly bugs him?


You’re really struggling in geometry. Marc sits across from you, so he sees you sweat bullets every time Teach calls you to the board. Yesterday, Marc passed you a note offering to help you with some homework. Reading it, the first thought that popped into your head was:




Strawberry Lemonade—yum! It's like music to your mouth. So tell us: What sweet song is your summer anthem?


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