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AN HOUR AGO Our fav '90s family is coming to @netflix ! Have mercy: http://t.co/DvTbD2NrD3 pic.twitter.com/bBHXoBgTQe

2 HOURS AGO Take a bite out of this delicious fashion trend: http://t.co/FT4UfpLCg3 pic.twitter.com/vTAJMjV3F9

2 HOURS AGO 2 DAYS until the #DisneyVillain(s) return to the screen in #DisneyDescendants! Catch it at 8p 7/31 on @DisneyChannel. pic.twitter.com/ylzS5LTZI6


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Are you Justin Bieber's #1 fan?

With singles, like “One Time” and “One Less Lonely Girl,” we’re totally gaga for Canadian singing sensation Justin Bieber. But how well do YOU know this sweetheart? Take this quiz to find out if you’ve got what it takes to be dubbed his numero uno devotee!

Where was Justin discovered?


What famous producers did Justin work with on his debut album, My World?


Who is Justin’s mentor?


What is Justin’s favorite thing to do during his down time?


What is Justin’s favorite YouTube video?


Who is Justin’s girlfriend?


What is Justin’s biggest phobia?


What is Justin’s most embarrassing song on his iPod right now?


What is Justin’s favorite TV show?


What is Justin’s favorite movie?

You let her BFF borrow your fave top for a party last Saturday but when she returns it, it looks nothing like the top you remember buying. It has holes, stains and only one shoulder. What do you say to your gal pal?


Win, read and review one of these *amazing* new novels!



Calling all book-loving babes: We want Y-O-U to enter to win one of four incredible new reads from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt! Winners will review their novel for the chance to be featured in an upcoming issue of GL.

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