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5 HOURS AGO It is never too soon to start thinking about fall fashion! Here are some of our favs: #GLStyle http://t.co/ur0KcH2S0v

7 HOURS AGO #Quiz: Is you friend a real friend? http://t.co/KiJFbS0la7

8 HOURS AGO Excited to be back at school? Show off your new nerdy nails that girls will die for! http://t.co/HljuRfVyHY


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Will he be your BF before this year is over?

Guy signals are so hard to decode. As the year passes, will the two of you become closer together? Take our quiz to find out.

1. You guys pass each other in the hallway. As you wave to say hi, he…


2. You’re sitting behind him in class and pass him a note: What are your plans over break? He writes back…


3. It’s 5 p.m. and your Thursday night group project meeting is wrapping up. You know his ride is running late and your older sister is picking you up. You ask him if he wants a lift home. He responds…


4. It’s the first weekend of winter break and you to head to a guy friend’s house for some pizza. Surprise! Your crush is there. The first thing he does when he sees you is…


5. You’re chatting with your BFF about your crush and she asks when the last time you guys talked was. You say…


6. It’s school dance night, where is your crush?


You’ve been stashing your cash all year. Now it’s finally time to buy…


Quiz: What kind of sister are you?


Are you the sassy sister, the shy sister or the supportive sister? Take this quiz—inspired by the new graphic novel Sisters by Raina Telgemeier—to find out!  


It's FINALLY our 20th birthday! To celebrate, we've rounded up our all time fave (and all time best) fashion and beauty tips 'n' tricks, amazing boy/bestie/life advice plus room DIYs, amazing recipes and top 20 lists exclusively for you right here on girlslife.com.

To join the fun, 


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