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4 HOURS AGO The #wanderlust is real this week, Virgos. ♍️♍️♍️ http://t.co/XNPFLQEGhP

5 HOURS AGO More than a little jealous of GL editor Kelsey...at least she's reppin' @rydelR5 and the music issue! #beachlife http://t.co/i09Ieh3XKZ

6 HOURS AGO #Poll time! Fill in the blank: I would *literally* do anything to meet ____________.


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Could you be Justin’s girlfriend?

How much do you and Justin Bieber have in common? With some help from his new movie, Justin Bieber: Never Say Never, we’re here to let you know exactly how compatible you and the Biebs are. Do you have what it takes to be his baby? Take this quiz to find out! 

What kind of pizza do you and your friends love?


What’s your favorite networking site?


If you were to root for any ice hockey team, which would it be?


Which superhero would you want to save you?


How likely are you to wear your heart on your sleeve?


What do you do when you’re nervous?


What accessory do you love to rock?


What relative are you closest to?


What non-chocolate candy do you find yourself always craving?


What Usher would you most likely be caught singing to your friends?

Classes are quickly coming to a close and now's the time to hit the books. What are your best study spots?


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