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Do you go with the flow?

Are you the kind of chica who always puts your friends' needs ahead of your own or should you be a bit more mindful of your pals' position? Take this quiz to find out! 

1. You’ve been totally grooving on Mr. Brainiac from lit class. Problem is, your entourage thinks he’s a major dweeb so dating him would be social suicide. You…


2. You know you’ve got the talent to be the next T. Swift, but your friends tell you to get a reality check. You…


3. You’ve just scored a pair of smokin’ skinny jeans, but when you show up to school the next day, your whole crew is rockin’ trouser legs. What do you do?


4. Your BFF is pressing you to ditch your part-time after school (paying!) gig to hang out with two hotties at the Burger Bop. You’re really not even into them. You…


5. The theater is having a Harry Potter marathon this weekend. Score! Unfortch, your friends aren’t feeling the magic and think it’ll be a total snoozefest. You…


6. Your best guy bud is hosting his annual blowout, but your ‘rents aren’t budging and refuse to let you go. He’s come up with a foolproof plan to break you out. You…


7. You’ve been looking forward to the Spring Fling, but your friends decide they are too cool for school and would rather veg out in front of the tube all night. You…


8. B-ball tryouts are Friday, but your pals are far from athletic. Their idea of cardio is a trip to the mall. You…


9. You and your buds carpool to school every week, and it’s your mom’s turn to take the wheel. Your mother has a tendency to go a lil overboard with her outfit selection, and you’re not so sure you can handle another laugh-fest courtesy of your rude friends. You…


10. Your science project is due, and you’re adding some finishing touches when the phone rings. Hello? It’s your lab partner. Her new pup went berserk and ate three molecules for your model. You…


11. You’ve been voted “Friendliest” for yearbook. Stoked! Until some sistahs accuse you of snubbing ‘em. You…


12. Your whole crew has gone gaga for the green scene and they guilt-trip you 24/7 about your environmentally not-so-friendly ways. You…


Fierce females are taking over the big screen! Who is your favorite heroine?


6 books to curl up with this season...


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