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Which love song are you?

There are so many love songs out there, but not all of them always explain what you’re *really* feeling. Stop listening to the same songs over and over again and take this quiz to find out which love song is so totally Y-O-U! 

What would be your perfect date?


Love is…


What characteristic does your true love have to possess?


What’s your ideal gift?


How do you handle a break-up?


Who’s your fave celeb couple?


What do ya do when you’re crushin’?


Your crush just asked you to be his girlfriend. Who do you tell first?

Playing tennis is a ball (hehe, get it?). Have you ever played?


Win it: Visit all your favorite villains in The Isle of the Lost!



Ever wonder what happened to all of your excellently evil Disney faves? Enter for a chance to check out the new generation of bad guys (and girls) in The Isle of the Lost, a prequel to Disney Channel's Descendants!

CLICK HERE for your chance to win.

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