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How should you ask him to the dance?

You’ve had your eye on this cutie since the first day of school, and Homecoming is just around the corner. Now’s your chance to make your move, but you wanna be sure that you’re not gonna make a fool of yourself. So figure out which approach is most natural for you by taking this personality quiz.

When you’re hangin’ out with a group of girlies, how often are you the center of attention?


You and your crush’s eyes meet as you’re passing each other in the hall. What do you do?


Your outfits for school mostly consist of:


What is your fave school subject, and why?


If you wanted to go to the movies with your bestie but she wanted to go mini-golfing, what would you do?


When you’re lookin’ for something relaxing to do in the evening, what do you usually do?


How many besties do you have?


If you won a Nobel Prize, which would it be?


Your biggest worry about going to a new school would be:


If you had to pick a sport in gym class that you liked, what would choose?


What’s your fave fall pumpkin candle scent?


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