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Are you Debby Ryan’s biggest fan?

{related}You’ve watched her on Suite Life on Deck and now on her very own show, Jessie. But how well do you really know this rising star? Try out this trivia to discover if you are truly Debby Ryan’s biggest fan. 

1. The Disney sweetheart first started acting at what age?


2. Debby gets her cute southern accent from her hometown in…


3. Debby’s first starring role was on…


4. What Disney Channel Original movie did the teen star appear in?


5. What’s Debby’s middle name?


6. Not only can Debby act, but she can also jam out on her favorite instruments. Which of these does Debby play?


7. In the next few years, she hopes to release…


8. Debby’s current show, Jessie, has had ____ seasons.


9. In middle school, Debby was a part of which club?


10. What other language, besides English, can Debby speak?

Write on! Do you keep a diary or journal?


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