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3 HOURS AGO We know, we know...flossing is the worst. Here's why you should be doing it anyway: http://t.co/9APOpAOTAu pic.twitter.com/wcqaPLRJdl

4 HOURS AGO Have you entered to win your signed copy of #TeenBeach2 yet?!: http://t.co/uyX5bTD9ee pic.twitter.com/pylNOrTWYf

5 HOURS AGO Where will you be watching the fireworks tonight, GL girls? 🎆🎆🎆


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How merry are you?



When the holidays roll around, are you the happiest hunnie of them all...or are you more of a bah humbug sweetheart? Take this quiz to find out where you fall!


Everyone’s decorating the tree, and you’re not feeling so great. You…


Dad says he “doesn’t need anything for Christmas.” So you give him…


Carolers ring the doorbell. You…


Your BFFs are decorating gingerbread houses. You…


The Holiday, your sister’s favorite Christmas movie is playing on TV. You…


Grandma brings over the fruitcake. You…


The mall is packed with shoppers. To get around them all, you…

Playing tennis is a ball (hehe, get it?). Have you ever played?


Win it: Visit all your favorite villains in The Isle of the Lost!



Ever wonder what happened to all of your excellently evil Disney faves? Enter for a chance to check out the new generation of bad guys (and girls) in The Isle of the Lost, a prequel to Disney Channel's Descendants!

CLICK HERE for your chance to win.

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