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12 HOURS AGO Why you should be rockin' a super cute sun hat this season: http://t.co/6iUJMHrLzm

15 HOURS AGO Don't worry; shaving your arms will not make your hair grow back like a sasquach: http://t.co/xbnHVhvheI

16 HOURS AGO What would you do if your mom blogged all of your private (& majorly embarrassing) moments for the world to see? http://t.co/CFJM3Sv1B4


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How merry are you?



When the holidays roll around, are you the happiest hunnie of them all...or are you more of a bah humbug sweetheart? Take this quiz to find out where you fall!


Everyone’s decorating the tree, and you’re not feeling so great. You…


Dad says he “doesn’t need anything for Christmas.” So you give him…


Carolers ring the doorbell. You…


Your BFFs are decorating gingerbread houses. You…


The Holiday, your sister’s favorite Christmas movie is playing on TV. You…


Grandma brings over the fruitcake. You…


The mall is packed with shoppers. To get around them all, you…

Oh no! Your room is a mess and your crew is coming over in an hour. How do ya deal?


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