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5 HOURS AGO Why you should be rockin' a super cute sun hat this season: http://t.co/6iUJMHrLzm

8 HOURS AGO Don't worry; shaving your arms will not make your hair grow back like a sasquach: http://t.co/xbnHVhvheI

9 HOURS AGO What would you do if your mom blogged all of your private (& majorly embarrassing) moments for the world to see? http://t.co/CFJM3Sv1B4


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Are you Olivia Holt’s biggest fan?



The beautiful Olivia Holt graces our latest February/March glossy, and we wanna test your Olivia knowledge. Do you know which Disney princess she adores and who is her fashion icon? Take this test to see how much you really know about our cover girl!


Who is Olivia’s fave Disney princess?


Where did Olivia grow up?


How many siblings does Olivia have?


Who is Olivia’s fashion icon?


What is Olivia’s favorite pastime?


What month was Olivia born?


What is Olivia’s fave condiment?


What channel is Olivia on?


What was Olivia’s first big gig?

Oh no! Your room is a mess and your crew is coming over in an hour. How do ya deal?


Want to follow in the fashionable footsteps of Danielle Bradbery?


Want to do good and look great—just like

Danielle Bradbery? CLICK HERE to find out how

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BOBS from Skechers swag!) in the 

#voiceofBOBS Instagram challenge.

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