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What summer shoe fits you?


Summertime is finally here and with it, comes tons of fashion options. From shorts and skirts to what beach cover-up will look the best with your bathing suit, it can be a lot to handle. We’re here to help by telling you what your go-to summer shoe will be! Are you an adventurous athlete or a beach bum babe? Take this quiz to find out what shoe you should always have nearby!





During the summer you can be found…


Your dream vacay is..


The perfect first date would be…


What’s one thing that would totally ruin your summer day?


What’s your ideal summer job?


What show is your guilty pleasure?


Your fave summer fashion is..


It’s the usual Saturday sleepover night and it’s your turn to pick the flick. You choose…


It's a DIY delivery!


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It's FINALLY our 20th birthday! To celebrate, we've rounded up our all time fave (and all time best) fashion and beauty tips 'n' tricks, amazing boy/bestie/life advice plus room DIYs, amazing recipes and top 20 lists exclusively for you right here on girlslife.com.

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