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1 HOURS AGO We've all been there—here's what to do when your BFF blows you off for her new boo: http://t.co/qmIxuzfrcG pic.twitter.com/JEU9kEUtA2

2 HOURS AGO You'll be able to purchase and ship internationally in the R5 online merchandise store! Stay tuned for updates :) https://t.co/HPYuowDnem

2 HOURS AGO RT @cmmoynihan: Have you heard the news? @rydelR5 wrote her first book 'Rydel: Rock Your Life' with @girlslifemag! So excited! 😍🎉🙆 http:pic.twitter.com/QCz0uTOjEF/t…


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How GL are you?


Girls’ Life is turning 20 and we want you to join in on the fun! Here’s your chance to see how much you know about us and find out how much of a GL girl you really are!


Which celeb has been on the cover the most times?


Where is the GL Headquarters located?


How many times has a boy been on our cover?


Who is the founder and editor-in-chief of GL?


Which starlet has never been on our cover?


In 2013, what was our most popular Instagram post a picture of?


What is the name of the super cute pug seen on our Insta?


Who is not a GL editor?


How much would you pay for a pair of ultra-cute shoes?


*Win* a trip to meet R5's Rydel Lynch!


Want to rock your life this year? Check out Rydel's new guide to fashion, fitness, friends, fun (and everything else!) and CLICK HERE for your chance to meet her.

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