Quiz - What Halloween candy are you?


Halloween is all about getting dressed up, creating mischief and—the best part of all—scoring loads of candy with your BFFs. But before you sort through your stash of candy this year, take this quiz to find out if you're a Sour patch Kid or as sweet as candy corn!

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Resses peanut butter cups, $5, walmart.com 

War heads pucker party pack, $5, walmart.com

Kit kat snack size candy, $3, walmart.com 

Sour patch kids, $5, walmart.com 


Your friends describe you as…


How spicy do you like your food?


What extra-curricular activities are you in?


What’s your favorite part about Halloween?


You have a HUGE test in History the day after Halloween. You…


Oh no! It’s Halloween and you’re sick. What do you do?


Ugh. Your parents are making you take your little sibs with you. What’s your reaction?


Eep! Your crush invites you to a Halloween costume party, but none of your friends are going. How do you respond?