Quiz - Answer these beauty Qs and we'll pick the perf face mask for you


After a long day of school, intense soccer practice, a viola lesson, a tiff with your bestie and a huge pile of homework, the only thing you want to do is relax with a well-earned self-care sesh. The part we all look forward to indulging in the most? A fab (and Insta-friendly) face mask, ofc.


But take a stroll (or a scroll) through your favorite beauty store and it's easy to get overwhelmed: There are just so many types and formulas and key ingredients to choose from, but which one is right for you and your unique skin? Allow natural skincare brand Luv Ur Skin to help you make the smartest selection.


Founded by 16-year-old Australian #girlboss Izzi Dymalovski, Luv Ur Skin creates products with teen girls—and their skin—in mind. Their Boost Up mask perks up tired skin, the Face Off mask nixes pimples, the Clear Up mask unclogs stubborn pores and the Scrub Off scrub leaves you fresh and glowy.


The best part? Each is formulated with specially selected ingredients, including plant extract Plantolin (a plant native to Australia, where the brand is based) which promotes clear and healthy skin. You can peep all their products (including moisturizer, face wash, lip balms, glow-in-the-dark nail polish and more) right here.


Take the quiz to find out which Luv Ur Skin mask you should try RN...then click HERE to enter to win a special self-care spa pack from this amaze Aussie brand, including: 4 scrubs and masks, face wash, moisturizer, a headband *and* other mask accessories. (Five GL girls will win — enter from now until October 12, 2018.)


What type of skin do you have?


Pick a lippie...


Which of these do you always have in your purse or backpack?


What's your latest skin issue?


Which shadow style is your fave?


What's one skinare "no-no" you're guilty of?