What should you actually be doing with your summer days?

How to make the most of your summer

What's your competition position?

Are you someone that has to win at all costs or do you believe that it's how you play that matters?

Are you Alex or Ava from It Takes Two: A Whole New Ball Game?

Which sis are you totally twinning with?

Are you too quick to judge?

Nobody’s a mind reader, so how can you expect to know why people do what they do? Do you write people off after one li'l mistake? Take the quiz to find out!

Can you handle pressure?

How do you handle the heat? Take this quiz to find out!

Are you the real you?

Do you mold yourself to fit in—or do you so not care what people think?

What kind of winner are you?

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Are you too grown up?

Are you missing out on some hysterical laughs and Kodak moments by trying to fill those high heels every second of every day? Or are you going for the Peter Pan strategy and still need to do some growing up? Find out!

Do you live for thrills?

Are you more of an adventure-seeking chica or a laid-back lady?