Make My Curls Look Amazing!

My hair is long and I have loose curls. I have no idea what to do with them! I’m tired with my usual ponytail. I need to find a few cute, quick styles. I love my curls and I want to flaunt them to everyone to see. Please help!
We all hit hairstyle ruts every now and then. Sometimes it feels like the boring ol’ ponytail is our last hope. But really, long hair is great because it’s so versatile – you have a ton of options if you get a li’l creative. Here are some of our fave curly ‘dos for spring.
The Twisty
Carefree and hippie-inspired, this style is super easy and quick, which we love-love-love. Start with your hair down and natural. Part it in the center with a comb. Then, gather about a one-inch chunk of hair from either side of your head, right next to your temples. Twist each around and around until you’ve created two little rolls that look ropelike. Secure the ends together at the back of your head with a little clip or barrette. Let your curls spill from under the hair-ropes and you’ll have a sweet-and-chic ‘do in minutes flat.

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The Wild and Free
Who says you actually have to do anything to your hair at all? Sometimes, the most fun hairstyles are those where we let our locks go free and do what they please. When you get out of the shower, squeeze any water drops from your hair. Spray a hair gel onto your palms and comb it through your hair with your fingers. 

If you want more accentuated curls, twist your loose curls around your fingers in small chunks. Let your hair dry on its own and voila! Now we’re talkin’ au natural.
The Sweet Side
Aim for asymmetry with a side-swept ‘do. Part your hair slightly on the side (right or left – your choice). Pull the smaller side up and back, then secure it about two inches above your ear with a cute clip or bobby pin. Let the other side flow down naturally. 

This hairstyle is perfect for spring – it’s whimsical and flirty, whether your hair is curly or not!

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by GL | 2/1/2016