Be an all-natural beauty!

Whether you want to be good to the earth or put the kibosh on breakout, we've got a bevy of products to help ya get beautiful without causing any harm. Look for all-natural ingredients (like mineral powders, honey and clay) to keep your skin totally fresh.

Earthy tones pair perfectly with one of spring’s best new trends: tribal prints! The clay-based liners are made with a plant wax, which will seal the makeup so it doesn’t run or crease. Brush it on for a perfectly smudged smoky eye.

Rosy cheeks are something we all covet, but powder blush can sometimes look blah. Seek out a moisturizing cream-based formula that blends smoothly on your cheeks for a lovely and subtle tint. Blend into lips or lids for an added glow.

It’s tough to find a lip color that doesn’t dry out your kisser. Which is why we are always looking for a mineral and plant-based formula with essential oils to moisturize while it colors. For spring, try a wash of a darker color you can dilute with a bit of gloss. Pucker up!
Truly Natural Lipstick, $12,

Unfortunately, many nail polishes have harmful chemicals and toxins like tolulene (found in cigarettes, too, gross!) and formaldehdye which can be seriously damaging to your nails, not to mention the rest of your body. If you can’t find a polish that’s all natural, at least look out for lacquers that don’t have those harmful chemicals on their ingredient list, This shimmery blue is one of our faves this season.

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by Clare Wise | 2/1/2016