Go flirty with rose-y beauty products

Wake up and smell the roses–literally! This spring, we can’t get enough of anything rose-scented. Stock up on these floral stunners: Perfectly romantic for your next date, or sweetly natural for everyday. Read on for your new makeup-bag musts.

At the top of our list? A sweet shea butter balm with essential oil of rose petals. Perfect for lips and tips, and can even tame unruly eyebrows.

If you’re looking for a fresh pick-me-up to help get you out of a rut, treat yourself to a fragrant floral mist. Skin will be left as smooth as a rose petal, and the intoxicating scent will boost your mood!
Moroccan Rose Body Mist, $13,

Stop and smell the roses, chicas. We’re obsessed with this super-cleansing product that removes impurities and leaves skin smelling fantastically of fresh blooms. Aaaah. 
Nude Cleansing Facial Wash, $24,

Removing makeup should be just as fun as applying it. Pick a cleanser with rose water and natural extracts to give you that spa-feel after a long day.

Need a break from school stress? Indulge yourself with a deliciously thick body polish with a power-packed fragrance. Rose petals and cocoa butter soothe both skin and nerves in one!

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by Jessica Wunsch and Jessica D'Argenio | 2/1/2016