How to fix your summer beauty woes


The warm weather, sunshine, and afternoons by the pool is exactly what you’ve been looking forward to since the end of last summer. The only problem? All this fun in the sun is no fun for your makeup. Luckily, we’ve found a few clever solutions for every single one of your summer makeup woes. Read on! 

#1: You didn't wear waterproof makeup…and you just plunged into the pool. Can you say raccoon eyes? Quick Fix: When you get out, DO NOT rub your eyes. Some makeup doesn't run when wet, but it will smear. So hands off. Go to a bathroom, or the nearest mirror, for damage control. Wipe under your eyes, and anywhere else there could be possible runny makeup. Your makeup did run though? Head to a sink to just wash it all off. Trust us, you look gorgeous without it. 

#2: It’s super-hot outside, which means creasing shadow. Instead of perfectly blended lids, you now have oily peepers with lines of shadow. Quick Fix: Next time, use shadow primer. But for now, grab a mineral powder or powder foundation and blot it out. Buh-bye, oil spill. 

#3: Your pedi is in dire condition and you’ve got a pool party in an hour. Chipped polish, ragged edges, long nails—ugh. Quick Fix: You have two goals. Blast away the old polish and file down your nails. Clean, unpolished nails look better than chips. 

#4: Can you say orange? You fake baked your face and the hue isn’t exactly golden. Quick Fix: It’s best to start with a clean slate. Use an exfoliator or your fave facial wash to get rid of excess color. A flash of bronzer (not self tanner!) is your best bet for faux facial tanning.

#5: You stayed out in the sun a little too long when you fell asleep on the beach. Now you're a red lobster instead of a bronzed goddess. Quick Fix: Get in the shade now. When you get home, slather on some yogurt onto your burn (it’ll soothe your skin). Stick to loose clothes, drink plenty of water and, next time, remember the SPF!

What's your biggest summer beauty prob? Share in the comments below.

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by Andi Cwieka & Mallory Walker | 2/1/2016