How To: Create a cascading waterfall braid

Long layers or bobs, wavy or straight – the waterfall braid works wonders for almost all hair types. Although this super pretty trend looks complicated, it’s really not as tough as it looks. Whether you’re spiffying up for school or dolling up for a dance, follow this step-by-step tutorial to create a cascading look on your tresses.

What You’ll Need:

-Wide-tooth comb

-Hair elastic that matches your hair color

-Fun hair accessory (optional)

Step One: Make sure to brush out any knots with a wide-tooth comb and then part your hair how you normally would. Using the front section of hair, divide the section into three equal pieces.


Step Two: Beginning from the piece on the front, start French braiding pieces as normal, about three times. When you hit the side closest to your part, add more hair to the braid.


Step Three: Then, as you pick up pieces on the side closest to your part to merge in the braid, let the piece on the side nearest to the ear fall down.


Step Four: Gather up a section from behind the one you dropped and link it into the braid.


Step Five:
Repeat the braid until you reach the back of your head or your opposite ear. Secure with an elastic that matches your hair color. For that extra wow factor, add a cute flower pin, like on our intern, Channa!

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by Erin Miller and Krupali Desai | 2/1/2016
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