No-fail makeup secrets to play up your eye color

There's a song out there for just about every eye color. You know the muse for “Brown Eyed Girl” was rocking the right eyeshadow when Van Morrison penned that tune. Even if you don't smitten any chart-topping songwriters, we know your peepers will turn heads with these makeup secrets.

Green eyes

The beautiful: Purple. The best way to bring out your gorge green eyes is with warmer purples, like lilacs or lavenders shadows on the lids and plum on the crease or lashline.

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For deep emerald or olive eyes, go for the gold. This shimmery shade will pick up the golden specks in your irises.

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The bold: Cranberry. A high-contrast color draws all the attention to your eyes. Keep your lips simple with a light pink or nude gloss.

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The bad: Green. Your eyes should never match your eyeshadow – no matter what your eye color is. Too similar of a color dulls your eyes, which is the complete opposite of what we're going for here.

Blue eyes
The beautiful: Orange. Even if you're not up for pumpkin or tangerine on your lids, pick peach, copper or bronze.
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The bold: Orange lipstick. Who said the right lip color can't enhance your eyes? Nix the shadow, swipe a cat-eye and rock an orange pucker. So stunning!

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The bad: Blue. Like we said for those green-eyed gals, don't match your lids to your irises! Now, this sounds like we're contradicting ourselves here, but it is possible to pull off a blue shadow. Just pick a shade that doesn't compete with your eye color. For example, lighter eyes opt for indigo, darker eyes work well with softer aquas or powder blue. Wasn't too hard, right?

Brown eyes

The beautiful: Really, any color looks great on a brown-eyed girl. The fave pick is purple (yup – it's a popular eye-enhancer). Go for a cooler shade, like grape or violet, to bring out the amber highlights in your eyes.

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The hands-down best hues for lighter eyes are champagne, honey or chocolate. Eyes with a hint of orange undertones should try navy blue on the lashline.

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The bold: Anything goes. Your eyes are like a blank canvas begging to try all of the trendy hues out there. Bright aqua, electric pink, silvery smokey eye are all safe with your hue. But don't go overboard, or it will overpower your face.

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The bad: Drastic smokey eyes (on deep brown eyes). Anything too charcoal-y will dampen your already dark eye color. Yikes!

Hazel eyes

The beautiful: Finding the right hues for hazel eyes seems tricky, but it really depends on which colors dominate your kaleidoscopic eyes: green, brown or blue. Once you figure out which hue you want to play up, pick your eyeshadows according to our breakdown above.

As a rule of thumb, hazel-eyed girlies can't go wrong with rosy pinks paired with chocolates on your lids. With that in mind, we're begging you NOT to wear pink eyeshadow that matches your blush. You don't want to look like a pink panda, as adorable as that sounds.

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The bold: Glitter. Because, why not? Stick with silver or gold for a special occasion and you'll be fine. Find any excuse to shine, girlies. (Psst! This works for other eye colors, too.)

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The bad: Blue. It tends to muddle most eye colors, and it doesn't work well with multi-hued eyes, either. It's best just to sport it on your fashion picks.

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by Karmen Fox | 2/1/2016